Thursday, September 30, 2004

Walken a Mile in His Boots

Everyday I am working on my voices and impressions that I can and can not do well. While typing yesterday's blog I was listening to some music. Nancy's Sinatra's "These boots are made for walkin' " came on. I could not help but imagine if Christopher Walken was in a shoe store and that song came on the PA. He would bend over and pick up a pair of boots, turn to the clerk and say - These, BOOTS are made, for WALKEN! I am, Christopher WALKEN. That's, just what, THESE boots will DO. One, of THESE DAYS, these BOOTS will, walk, all OVER YOU.

That really made my day yesterday and I thought I would share that. Yesterday was the first time I really tried to do a Walken, it was rough to say the least but I was able to amuse myself. I then turned Conan on and Walken was visiting. Sean Connery knows the novelty of his voice. Christopher is learning quickly too.

He was supposed to promote his new movie. He is the king of anecdotal tangents.

Conan: I hear you want to be called Chris Walken?
Walken: I SAW, my name, on the screen and it LOOKED, so long. It looked, like a TRAIN.
Conan: Alright, Chris. Chris Walken that sounds pretty good.
Walken: Try and say Christopher.
Conan: Christopher
Walken: guzenheight!
Conan: What?
Walken: Say it a gain.
Conan: Christopher.
Walken: guzenheight!
Conan: What?!
Walken: Christopher sounds like you'RE sneezing.
Conan: No. No it doesn't.
Conan: I hear you like to cook.
Walken: I like FRUIT.
Conan: Ok, how do you tell if it is ripe.
Walken: I like, avacado.
Conan: Do you eat a lot of avacado?
Walken: I've got no GRIPES with the man, that SELLS the, fruit. It's NOT, his fault.
Conan: So how do you pick ripe food?
Walken: I was on an AIRPLANE. I sat next to a DOCTOR, and asked HIM, how can you tell, if someone is sick? He SAID, it is just LIKE, picking fruit. Grab and squeeze, and you CAN tell.
Conan: You are one of my favorite people to talk to.

I love Christopher "guzenheight" Walken.

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