Sunday, September 26, 2004

The Bungalow Debacle (part 2)/ Who's Joe?

Friday night seemed all to perfect. Improv show at 8, birthday party afterwards. No one should have a problem with that. At approximately 11 pm all the parties were gathered; Eric, Steve, Kathy, Justyna, myself, Joe (yep, the name is back), and Allison. The night progress in typical fashion, the party was split into the two groups, Second City crew and young attractive people from all over the world.

I never declared my pursuit of the ladies. It was put upon my by Kathy, and she was going to help. This help came with her finding out who was availible. I was right next to her while she asked this young woman "are you married?" She then turns immediately to me and says "Mike, she is not married. Go for it." Thanks, thanks a bunch Kathy.

The action did not pick up until the night was ending. I decided it was time to leave. Saying good byes went well until Justyna hugs and says "ooh you can't go now, you have not met any of my hot girl friends." I take that valid point to heart and decides to stay for a moment. That decision was made when Allison says "I think she wants you to stay." Now I (romantic moron) somehow segues into a conversation with Allison. "I should meet someone new before I leave. Come take a seat with me."

She does and that my friends was half the battle when meeting the new gal. The other half of the battle, finding out if she is single. It was already known she was exceptionally beautiful. Throughout the whole "meeting" the question that was trying to surface was status. Even Arthur could not get this sword from its stone inconspicuosly. Conversation was going well, she began to mock my job prospects which is a silver lining since the whole unemployment was an open target. Time passes, about 30 minutes since the I told my cronies that I was leaving.

I then glance over my right shoulder to give Steve and Eric a sign of moral success. No point in informing Kathy since she placed herself in the front row, three feet away and very well could have heard it all. Steve misread the signal of - check this out!, as HEY I NEED SOME HELP! Eric warned Steve that he would ruin the encounter of us. Well Steve has been stranded at sea for sometime too, so he pushed on.

Allison and I were talking for at least seven minutes before even acknowledging him. Within that time he hovered over us, bobbing back and forth as though he was a buoy in the Atlantic. Each bob has made with his cusped hands hesitant to extend yet deliberate to interfere with the conversation. Eventually, he leaned forward and said "well, I am Steve." He STILL stood there for another minute in silence. She then invited him to sit down. Where I echoed "Yeah, Steve, why DON"T you take a seat?"

Oh and he did. As if I did not already have my cards out on the table he pretty much walked her through what I was up to. Our conversation, granted not like a life altering, was going well yet declining before Steve arrived. The thing is I was nearing the info exchange (at least in my mind) and when he sat down it went in the opposite direction. Just when it can't get anyworse, enter Joe. Who is Joe? I don't know either, but he was the back up wrench incase Steve, Kathy, or myself could not mess things up enough.

The scene then played out to having three guys around one girl. Which if this was a cartoon the bubble above each guys head would say "what are you doing tonight?" and her's would say "not you." She was pretty much in an awkward situation and I don't blame her for getting out by any means. Apparently she and Joe agreed to leaving together before the night started.

So was I blocked by him without even knowing? Kathy clearly tried to help me meet girls, granted she was so sincere it backfired. Steve romantically nearsighted or still on his wing man learner's permit seemed to mix things up and trip his own teammate up.

However, I the main suspect here had the attention and lost it. The blame could be pointed to anyone. At this point all we have is a social murder. The lesson learned, know the signals before walking on the field.

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