Friday, September 03, 2004

I could care less.

I am a huge fan of autumn and whatever wonderful memories may insue during the barrage of holidays and meaningless days for a parade. Fall is wonderful for many reasons. One being it puts an end to the mundane summer sport of baseball. Thank you NFL for having off the field issues that are mroe captivating than any story in baseball. Pro football is great, even when your team is in the cellar you can be cheering for the sport in general. I could care less about college football.

The biggest hang up on the sport is that after a five month season there still is not a unanimous champion. There are so many colleges that play that the NCAA does not know how to regulate a decision. A decision. Make one. Make tournament- like every other damn sport. Who's wonderful idea was it to have a computer rate the quality of a team? Is that not why the games are played?

Secondly, holy excessive sponsorship batman! Almost every game has some mega store sponsoring the every play. That fumble was brought to you in part by Ex-Lax. Come new year's day there is so much football that it takes away from the actual achievements of a good team. Sorry Notre Dame fans, no Sugar Bowl- excuse me Nokia Sugar Bowl, you will have to watch your team play in the Jiffy Lube Bowl or maybe the highly coveted Blockbuster Bowl. Upon hearing that a team is playing in one of the lame bowls I certainly hope they realize that their degree in Agricultural Science might be needed to make a buck or two.

Even though I am not a big fan of college football I still know the most important rule. Beat Michigan. It amazes me how I am so apathetic to the sport yet will revel in any loss by that team. Which is a shame because Michigan is a nice state with a catchy tourism campaign (YES! Michigan).

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