Thursday, September 09, 2004

20 Days til a New Me

Somewhere I heard that if you do something for 20 consecutive days it will become engrained into you daily routine for the rest of your life. Ok well there is a better chance, no garauntees. This is important on many levels. Physical health, professional goals, personal satisfaction can all be satisfied if one drinks a tall glass of determination.

My physical health is really not good. My height is the perfect facade for an impending heart attack from the aforementioned sausage and cheese products. I need to exercise more. How did I come to this? Before I answer you should do the same test. Run up a flight of stair (more than 7 stairs helps) and take a big hop at the top step. When you land and your chest is still shifting like tides in the ocean ask yourself this question. Am I a woman? NO. Only women should have a chest that moves as liberally as a bobble head doll.

The other test of change is as simple as putting on a pair of pants. To me when my stomach storms and conquers my belt buckle like some anemone I know it is time for a few sit ups and a few less pizza slices. The belt buckle is my fuel gauge, nothing sends chills down my spine like a freezing cold metal pressed upon the navel region.

Being tall allows a grace period that most people are unaware exists. I tell people that I have a ponch and they are quick to say "no way, you're tall." Yes, tall and with a ponch. I used to think that it was never ment for me to be in shape. Let's be honest sexy is rarely funny. If I had a six pack and was doing well in stand up the world would be thrown off its axis. Hell, if I had a six pack I would walk around without a shirt in December. (sorry for the mental image)

Have you ever tried to start a new routine? This 20 day thing is harder than it appears. Currently I am past 20 straight days of not going to work. So the good news there is that I am ready to accept unemployment as long as it runs rampant in my life. Today is day 3 of forcing myself out of bed by 9:30 am. I know most of you just dropped an f-bomb at my general direction, but hey I am trying to better myself here.

Like the saying goes, you can't blame a guy for trying, but you sure can blame him for failing. Good luck on your next 20 days.

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