Thursday, September 02, 2004

Maintaining the Personal Equilibrium

Not every day is a cup of sweet tea, nor is every day dog gone aweful. Reason being life has a way of balancing itself out. It just seems whenever the day is going swimmingly the night is as good as tv show on PAX. The reality check is something we all need to self induldge in before life inflicts one on us.

There are plenty of things to do as pick me ups. My personal favorite is public transportation. No matter how futile my life seem, no matter how inept I am at romance I know I can turn to the mass transit system to make my worries seem like the b story. Whether it is the train or the bus, upon arrival I learn from the facial expressions alone that my life is not nearly as bad as the people around me. These people are so distant from hope and emotion that you'd think the train was going to Auschwitz.

Public transportation is also good for another boost to your day. Never before in my life have I felt that I was more physically attractive than anyone else. Now I am not saying that everyone on a bus or train has fallen from the ugly tree. Just most of them look like they are coming off a trip induced by a China paper plate of hard core narcotics. If you ever feel like an idiot get on a train/L, wait no more than fifteen minutes before some dufus runs in, and gasps "which line is this? Is this the green line?" Hey Mr. Magoo, I guess you missed the big sign on the side of the train that says GREEN in green (right next to the door of all places). Suddenly common sense beats the plight of a dead end job.

Life is not all sunshine and Will & Grace reruns, so regulating the buzzkill is a large task. When my day seems to be going to well I like to turn on VH1. Chances are that there is an episode of "The Fabulous Life of..." which is an exact take off of E!'s "It's Good to Be..." Both shows would be more appropriately titled "Shi* You'll Never Have" or "Rich People to Live Vicariously Through." Nothing shatters hope like hearing that some ridiculously rich person has 100 $35k watches.

Whether employed or not, try to find a job. Nothing can strip the dignity, self-respect, and inner peace of one like a job hunt. Never since the quest to lose one's virginity are these words uttered - I'm sure you're good but you're just not good enough for me. One story that hits home is when submitting for a position and then get the phone rejection. This is a new tactic for employers to shift leverage further away from the applicant. The call reminds the applicant of such position applied for, then the company says something along the lines of "well the posting you applied for is no longer open, however we do have a lower position availible. How do you fell about less pay?...still interested?"

What comes up must come down, and what goes down will eventually land face up.

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