Saturday, September 18, 2004

I Don't Get It

There are some things that are happening in our world that make little or no sense. Why must we insist on having options if one of them is clearly the best interest for people. If Diet Dr. Pepper tastes just like regular Dr. Pepper why do they even make regular Dr. Pepper? Just put that stuff that is healthier in the regular can and then work on new diet recipe.

Why is there a search for another Partrige Family? They are making the hopefuls actually sing, and act which Danny B noted that they never could sing in the first place. Well the acting is subject as well. VH1 presents this show like it is one of the biggest shows that America wants back in their life. No. We had Hanson in the early 90's and sent them back to their home.

Fat Joe the rapper is well, a very fat man. Ironically he is a vegan. He plays the big tough guy vibe and then you hear him speak and he is just a talking stuffed cabbage. The prolific lyrics of telling all your "n@#%@@^%" to throw the rock away and just lean back, lean back, lean back" keep this man at the forefront of social growth. He is not even black. He is a sun-dried latino. No one should be afraid of this guy, clearly he can be outwitted, and most definitely out ran.

Chip Carey, the commentator for the Chicago Cubs is as inept at play calling as they come. His womanizing alcoholic grandfather was a legend in sports, and more notable after a couple strokes or heart attacks. Steve Stone was saying that one of the players looked incensed. Which means angered or enraged. Chip immediately says, "yeah Steve he also looks pretty angry." How did this dillhole get a job? Was Harry actually sober long enough to refer his grandson? The Carey legacy lives on with fifth grade level of vocabulary and colorful commentating descriptions like "wow" or "he's not batting very well." For the sake of the Cubs I certainly hope this guy falls into the bottle and comes out with over sized blue tinted glasses.

I am not sure if I will ever understand cetain parts of life but my refuge can be taken in the fact that the aforementioned probably won't either.

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  1. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Since I don't have a blog but still want to comment I had to do this annoymously, but I'll tell you that this is Greenwood anyway. Don't worry about Chip, his contract is up this year and word is he's not getting a new one.