Thursday, September 23, 2004

Wait. So Now You Want to Hang Out With Me?

Amazingly, five years have passed since last I walked the halls of my highschool. I now have recieved two separate notices of the reunion event. Five years. I will not be able to attend since I have a show but what is funny about the high school reunions is that once the date is set and the invite is in my hand I feel the urge to track down classmates and confess to having a crush on them. Which I am sure is unnecessary since I was proficient at the blatant gaze from across the room (or aisle).

I really have no desire to brag or complain about my life to the people I went to school with. I am confident that they have matured and become respectful people. Except the moron that broke into his own friends house high on drugs. He stole money and jewelry from the family of his best friend and even had a gun involved too somehow I think. The beauty is that he has his mugshot on the Illinois Department of Corrections. They list all his tatoos and frankly by the lameness of the tats alone he should be taking it unwillingly each day there. Maybe he'll be out for the tenth.

It costs $55 to attend this function with four other graduating classes. For $55 I can sit in the new field house and rub elbows with the class of 79 as well. There is an open bar to boot. Just incase we can't be friends at least beer will help us pretend.

One of my favorite memories of high school was the holiday food drive. It was a contest winning class gets pizza. Somehow pizza is the universal grand prize to every contest. I am sure in heaven they tell everyone - well you have all done well in your past life so God and all the saints would like to show a little appreciation- here's some free pizza!!! Two slices each, and we only have 12 two liters of RC so drink moderately.

Back to the drive. The needy soon become a secondary matter. Teachers were telling students the importance of winning and beating the other homerooms. So, students wised up and only brought in the high point non-perishable items, like macaroni and cheese. There was so much mac and cheese that the needy were deeply disappointed that no weed came with the mass quantity of mac and cheese.

Memories are a lot like Wisconsin. Great to visit but not quite the ideal residence. HA! I love you Ripon, Waukesha, Lomira, Hartford, and Milwaukee (Chicago's Parking lot). Just a little retribution for the lame F.I.B. campaign. Much love and well done Pack.

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