Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Better than the Wurst

Labor Day can indeed be embraced and celebrated by such people as the unemployed. See the so called holiday gives the unemployed one more day with the people that they love so much and always ask about the proximity of the next "real job."

I certainly love telling pipedreams to my family and friends about whatever prospects I have. Specifically, I like to apply for a really great job that I don't have a single qualification. That way I can see everyone struggle to utter words of confidence that have the value of a plastic champagne cup.

All in all the unofficial end of summer went rather well. I had my first cheddarwurst and it was delicious. Honestly, have the good folks at Johnsonville made a bad product? I don't think so. They could encase anything and I would eat it. On the other hand their constant pursuit to inject whatever byproduct of the earth into the link is a bit troubling.

I ate brats/sausage products for four straight days. Four days people. I woke up today with the sausage hang over, thinking I should get a pick up truck and start omitting prepositions from my daily vocabulary.

I was able to meet my brother's future mother in law. She is a reserved woman, especially when my brother and I are joking around. It was a fun conversation because everything we tried to talk about she had no desire to really respond. The situation was made harder since she is living in Singapore and seems to dismiss the whole portion of her life as many say "in the states." General conversation was made into a NASA precise topic of golfing - in Malaysia! when she got her hands on the conch. Ooh, golfing in Malaysa that is pretty exotic but have you ever golfed at the LOST MOUNTAIN? My golfing story is more compelling since 1. Anyone can find Malaysia, but not every Tom, Dick or Magellen can find a LOST MOUNTAIN. 2. Standard golf courses are huge allowing for a large margin of error, I conquered a couse where everything is miniaturized. One little elbow twitch and suddenly the ball is on the baby Nile headed to the lagoon. It is harder than it appears to be a mistake free golf diety, or genuinely uniterested intrapersonal growth.

I did not even bother to ask if there were cheddarwursts in Singapore.

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