Friday, October 01, 2004

The Irony Chef

By the time you read this the your mind has already decided to put work aside, queue the Loverboy hit song and take a mental escape home. Nothing like the backward process of thinking of home when working and work when at home. Gluttons for punishment, or maybe the parents of the 90's are right and we all have ADD. It got me thinking of the irony we bathe in every day.

I love smokers because they will remain animate about their right to smoke anywhere, anytime. They resist the health warnings, and other side effects. Yet whenever you see smokers in a car, they have their hand out the window making sure that the smoke does not stink their car.

Gatorade has always said it is better at rehydrating the proper minerals an athlete needs. It has been beaten into our heads, don't get water, get Gatorade. So what happens, Gatorade comes out with their own bottled water. There always is a competition, just ask yourself.

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