Tuesday, September 21, 2004

It's Over

Well well well. In a matter of 36 hours many things have ended for me. Let's start with yesterday. I am on a softball team lead by my brother and we have not won yet. My favorite excuse most teammates made during the first 7 straight losses was that "the ball is being hit everywhere we're not on the field." Perhaps my brother should have advised the team that the opponents will actually try and hit the ball away from them. At times we definitely were recreating the opening scenes of Major League. It was only a matter of time before we caught the ball. Catching is such a remedial task but to our team's surprise it was integral in winning and making it 7 innings. We now are 1 and 7 and I am sure we are posied for a stellar view of the playoffs from afar but hey we rocked last night and slept with a smile.

I have job interviews on the first three days this week. As the week progresses so does the dignity of each potential. Residing in the "any job is good at this point" state of mind I applied for a seasonal job. You know it is not a fit for you when upon arriving for the interview you are dressed more formal than the manager. Today I was interviewed by Target. See, I love to wear khakis but just don't know enough about electronics to work at Best Buy.

What makes the interview fun was that I was in a cramped office and having to stand whenever the manager needed to leave and confer or bring in another department head. It was then made cumbersome since I pulled my hamstring last night at the game. So like a grandpa I would stand as awkwardly as possible. Long story short I got the job. The only thing that they did not like was my lack of availibity on the weekends. I mentioned the classes I took at SC. The manager said that management people are asked to be availible 7 days a week.
Translation- 1. we think you could be management material (phew! I thought my Spanish degree destined me to running a laundry mat) 2. Target management consists of indentured servants.

I jumped in the pool about 20 minutes ago. It is rather dirty and from above the leaves at the bottom look like bodies. I went in only to have my fellas retreat into my pelvis. I looked at the thermometer it was 70. I then realized unheated pools suck. To make a bad situation good I snorkeled. Yep, imagine a 6'5" guy with a neon orange snorkel and mask. Snorkeling in the backyard pool is definitely a reason that I am single.

Then came the birth of the moronic idea of the day. I chose to do a handstand underwater while swallowing a mouthful of beer. Kind of an underwater keg stand. The first go was a fail, I bounced back up choking on beer and water was coming out my nose. Second run was a complete success and I left the pool a winner.

Farewell to my friends of the past weeks; summer, losing, and most of all unemployement.


  1. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Way to go buddy - a jobs a job.

  2. Anonymous7:20 AM

    True that. Good job. Bryan