Wednesday, September 15, 2004

St. Elmo's Fire

At this very moment of writing St. Elmo's Fire is on tv. Commercial free mind you. Watching this movie just lets me know a few things about life. If you look back from a distance, everyone looks like an idiot. Whether it be clothing or hair or simply being named Judd or Emilio. Another thing I have noticed is that although the rise to success is exciting, the pending crash/leveling off is typically more captivating.

Perhaps I will look at my favorite movies of the 90s and realize the acting was lame. Probably not. I watched them while growing more than any other time of my life (mainly since I was born in the 80s). I am trying to compare St. Elmo's Trainwreck to a movie in the 90s. Could Good Will Hunting work? No it was hands down better. Perhaps the reason for the success of Elmo is that it is based on self indulged people during the age of self importance.

Will we ever have another caliber group of actors as the brat pack? All in all they really weren't that great it was that they had great chemistry. I would like to cast Heath Ledger as the next Rob Lowe. Girls dig him and stilll have not caught on to the lack of acting capabilities. Jake Gillenhal (wrong spelling I am sure) embodies Emilio Estevez. Besides the Young Guns series, whenever Emilio or Jake is on screen I am forced to think "How the hell did he get there?"

Kirsten Dunst would make a swell drama queen like Molly did. Ally Sheedy is best represented by Katie Holmes. Not to say if I was aware of 80s movies I would have liked Ally, I just think the crooked smile should be carried on for a new generation. I was unaware of Demi Moore's start. I thank God that I didn't see this movie before she actually became good. That reason alone I choose Julia Stiles. She chooses the biggest bone headed roles that she will have to explode with dramatic integrity. Laws of probability justify my reasoning.

What about Judd Nelson? Aw hell, Judd can stay. FYI this movie blows. It is so bad I could not even watch it to appease a girl. Which by the way I have never seen Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles, or the ever fawned over Dirty Dancing or Grease in their entirety. Yet I still can go on living.

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