Tuesday, September 14, 2004

What's My Name?

Recently I went to visit my friend has she moved into a new place with her fiance. Both of them are new in their careers and work long days. So what is the logical decision to be made when one is gone for more than a third of the day? Get a puppy. Nothing like rescuing the dog from that cold metal cage and putting him into a carpeted cage that heats well since there are only two windows in the apartment.

That is not even the craziest thing. This dog is a terrier/bulldog mix. They named the dog moose. A dog named moose. Although rather catchy, the naming that goes into pets simply is the names people would name their kids but are afraid to do so.

If animals are as smart as wacko animal shrinks say, then once they learn their name is another animal there will just be a very large identity crisis for the animal. They may have well as named the dog cat. Is there really an inappropriate pet name? If you know any of my step brother's animal names you would say apparently not (Sh!t for brains, etc). The naming just lets know who is in charge.

It works that way for humans. Johnny Cash's a boy named Sue. Nothing sends a message to the kid that says "I'm in charge" like naming a boy Sue. On the other hand the whole junior business is something I have mixed feelings about. I like the honor of a family being passed down through a name. However that is for what the last name is used. I also believe that the junior business is wrong. I feel if the man lead his life right the first time, why would you make a version 2.0 or on? Well I just want my son to be just like me. Well as sick as that sounds let's just hope his emulating of you stops short of sleeping with your wife (his mom).

Family togetherness can start or end with a name. I guess that choice is up to everyone. Just don't always use the first word that pops in your head, like apple.

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  1. In Hebrew, the word for fish is "dog." (And the word for dog is "kelev," if you cared.)

    The word for Turkey (the country), is "Turkey."
    The name for India is "Hodu."
    The name for turkey (the stuff on your sandwich) is "hodu."

    I don't know why I'm even trying to get fluent in this fucking language.

    Yesh lakh shadayim yafim! (Which means, "You have nice breasts!")