Monday, November 01, 2004

My Near Death Experience

It doesn't take a pyschologist to understand the difficulities I am having in my life. Whether personal or professional things seem to be at a lackluster (at best) status. Well, today and from here on out I will make sure to walk the path to righteousness or something along those lines. See at about 11:30 today I almost died.

This is all too embarrassing really. First, I got out of bed at 9:00am to quickly turn on Dawson's Creek on TBS. It was in the middle of some tiresome argument between Joey and Pacey that I realized I was obsessed with the nostalgia factor of life that did not deserve a moments time to rekindle. I then began to eat lunch. For the second meal in a row I ate a frozen pizza. Cute to some, I really think mozzarella is my cocaine. Upon eating a slice I learned the hard way that there was a loose shard of crust. It then got lodged into God knows where and I began to panic.

Not being able to breathe I thought of the worse case scenario. Death. How horrible would it be for my family to walk into my room with my face down in a pepperoni pizza with most likely Saved By the Bell on tv and my perpetual job search present on the computer screen? While hacking and hoping I began to negotiate with God. I took the whole choking on something typically delicious as a way that God saying "best you recognize."

After recognizing, I returned to my bed to eat some more pizza. Proving that no matter how severe a pain is dealt, as long as there is a facit that could maybe bring us some joy we'll risk it. I am going to try and go cold turkey on pizza and other such detrimental activities which may even be drinking. It took me eighteen hours to really recover from a few glasses of Spooky Punch. I don't know what is more lame the name Spooky Punch or the fact that I can't handle it.

I guess my writing this declaration one ups the stakes we all set for ourselves. If you write a goal down there is a significantly larger success rate than just saying what you want to do. So here I go. I will be genuine to all my pursuits ahead of me. Winning will be great but I can deal with the solace of being the lovable loser.

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