Saturday, October 30, 2004

What's Your Fantasy?

Nothing calls for a regression to child like activity mixed with a $20 cover charge like Halloween. I personally enjoy the so-called holiday for a few reasons. Candy is no longer for the a sweet tooth, since eye candy is much more appealing and even fulfilling at times.

Tonight there will be plenty of girls dressed like they are walk-ons to a porn set. Safety in numbers I suppose, if they ALL wear fishnets or knee high "spoon me" boots then no one will call them slutty. I love seeing which sexual fantasy a girl is willing to fullfil and it is even hotter when she says she owns the costume. However, this makes me wonder about those girls that dress as pumpkins or as anyother object that requires harvesting.

Now I don't know how the girls even enjoy talking to guys on Halloween (besides even more free drinks) since we all go out of our way to be the biggest knob in the room. Take my costume that I bought for $60 last year. It is a full body Scooby Doo costume. The paws are specially designed to be able to hold onto things, like beer bottles, or a steering wheel (never together though). This proves that humor is more desireable than muscles, well until a certain point.

I think that Halloween may be the best holiday to people watch. Never could you expect to see a 6'5" Scooby talking it up with a near thirty year old school girl. Another advantage there is that all the couplpes are easily detected in a costume party. They find it cute to dress alike. Ok, she finds it cute and he will do all things possible to get laid (except understand the supply and demand of a monogomous relationship). Doctor/nurse, student/teacher what have you it only helps the cause for all envolved to bob for someone else.

Only once have I seen a girl dress in a costume that was both hot and funny. One Laura Bliss, dressed as Mary from "Something About Mary." She had a fine emsamble with her bangs gelled up and arched like in the movie. Well done Laura you were ahead of your time. I have no expectations to see any Marys there but I can always hope.

There is a party in Woodridge tonight that I just got the nod to attend. A party in Woodridge, I never thought I would live to see the day. I guess when a fantasy has that chance to become a reality, it is imperative to seize it. Regret is not only a bitch, its a suburb.

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