Monday, November 22, 2004

That's a Wrap

So over the weekend it all started. My first movie is in the can and I am now preparing the editing studio to wrap it up in a precious bow. Granted I am the editing studio, but nonetheless it will be glorious. There were many issues averted and created during the shoot. All in all, I am absolutely proud of all involved.

My quest for two black men was satisfied the day before with a casting call I placed online. They then did not show. Realizing the necesity for the comedic relationship for one character, I substituted the two black men for a relationship between a young woman and an older woman. Nothing like an odd lesbian connection. There are plenty of laughs that will be probably started with "what the ..."

I never knew how many sexual innuendos were going to ensue from the body language. There was a scene where I am trying to pick up a girl that is tripping on x and she then chokes on a glow stick. Never would I have imagined the heimlich to be so provacative. The girl was one of my best friend's girlfriend to boot. "It was acting dude." He found the humor, I hope.

The big lessons of the night were 1. no alcohol before wrapping 2. 2:00pm sharp apparently means come when you are done beating Halo 2.

The editing will be dealt with in a swift manner, and of course a screening party will be in the works.

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