Monday, November 01, 2004

So There's This Girl...

and she's a freaking moron.

For the past three haircuts I have gone to the Haircuttery. Another personal hygene secret released from the vault. Regardless, there is this young girl who embodies the sister of Daria. I never could hear her voice since I would be across the room, but today she went ahead and cut my hair.

I used to think she was rather attractive, and then she opened her mouth. Just about every fifth word was given the suffix -uh. I wouldn't have noticed so quickly if she weren't carrying on a conversation with the rest of the staff while trimming around my ears.

I am also convinced that no matter how I describe my desired hair style, the stylist will make sure I leave looking like a douche bag. She asked if I want my hair to be styled "natural." Fearing a combover, I said yes and then she proceeded to slick my hair back like I was either my grandpa or Pat Riley.

This girl is something special. That's why she earned the $2 tip.

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