Friday, November 19, 2004


There comes a point when a momentous occassion arises that we are inclined to give a catchy name to remember it for more than three minutes. Typically, when something hits the fan we have to go to the modern day cluster fu#$ called Watergate. Now, as elated as I am that our society can recall something from that era besides Vietnam, we really should let crooked presidents die.

Watergate was a hotel to my understanding. The novelty of any noun + Gate = great joke is a bit played. We have Ashley Gate, Florida Gate, and soon to be Condy Gate. I get it. Ok? Someone else really f'd up. I wonder if there was anything good that happened to Nixon. He is remembered saying "I am not a crook." He is drawn as a man that while alive was melting in front of our very eyes. The best thing that happened to Nixon was Clinton.

As a society we need to update our records. There has to be someone out there to take the jabs as our generations inept diviant leader who refuses to learn from past mistakes. Who could be that person? R. Kelly? Tara Reid? Ben Affleck? Dick Cheney?

I certainly dread the blissful moment where one of those yahoos graciously falls on the grenade. However, I am sure US weekly will have a great photo spread.

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