Sunday, November 28, 2004

Affirmative Friendship

I chose to cast friends in my first movie and that went rather well. However, there was a couple instances in which the script called for two large black men. I actually have friends of many ethnicities but only one was muscular. It lead me to feel as though my group of friends was as diverse as the Abercombie staff.

The next logical step was to see if any of my friends had large black man friends. Tragically this turned into a six degrees of diversification. I had a friend who had a friend who's sister's uncle knew of a black guy that delivered the mail, or something like that. Cross cultural relationships are fantastic once they get off the ground. Those first few interactions make us pretend that the notion of a friend of a different ethnicity is the cat's meow.

There are some people that are so clueless with their own identity that they must become a barnacle to another culture. Suddenly befriending a gay or Indian (for example) is as socially gratifying as getting the new mini i-pod. Will there ever come a time where alterior motives of social gain are put aside to actually learn from where someone comes? Never, that's why Homecoming queens are typically cheerleaders.

Times allegedly change but the message of stereotypes are resulute to such change. Why? One, because stereotypes are the characatures of a particular group. Secondly, outsiders don't have the balls to put down the insecurity blanket and speak with not to someone.

I truly feel that affirmative action is equally detrimental to society as politically correctness. On the other hand, some people who normally would not get a chance to excell now are doing so. Should we be doing the same with our personal lives? We would definitely learn more about other cultures. Yet, what I dislike is the focus is on race, not ethnicities. There are many different ethnic groups that are all apart of the human race.

Now don't go out and give your pals the pink slip for the holidays. Actually, that would be a rich concept. Call the people who are just acquaintances and tell them that in the best interest of my unity with the rest of society I am relinquishing our personal association in efforts to develop a further understanding of how to befriend the Asian, Jewish, and the ever so powerful Christian right.

Affirmative friendship. A proposition so absurd I expect it to be apart of the same proposition as punishing neglegeant parents with a time out.

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