Thursday, October 14, 2004

Flu Epidemic or Predicament?

It is that time of year where the media enhances scare tactics of death by terrorism by something worse, the flu. Every year the news tells us that there is a shortage of the flu vaccine. Perhaps the doctors are trying to tell us all something. The flu vaccine is the guardrail to the highway of natural selection. Approximately 36,000 people die every year from the flu. Most of them are either infants or elderly.

Instead of choosing between presidential candidates try and choose who would get a vaccine. The segment had a bunch of 90 year old people talking about how they need the vaccine over the "young." Which besides the dirt we walk on young could be anything. If I was 90 I think I would realize the inevitable death is closer than nap time.

I would rather see the vaccine go to the infants mainly because they have the inflicted burden of potential. The elderly have already proven their worth. If someone 90 is going to really do something stellar for the rest of the community it will likely come in the form of an endowment. However, the circle of life is ignored since there is something that the elderly can do that the infants can't- vote.

This whole situation is centered on pride. Who really wants to be remembered for dying from the flu? How is it possible to fight the good fight when you all that is needed is some chicken noodle soup and a jug of orange juice? Another dilemma is exactly how do infants and seniors get the flu if neither one can leave their home on their own during winter? There has to be some foul play involved. Damn you Iraq! (isn't that the answer to all our problems?) Never thought a little Tussin could snuff out a WMD.

Like P. Diddy says vote or die! And by vote I mean bundle up and wear a hat and scarf.

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