Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hands in the Apocalyptic Cookie Jar

What a difference a day makes. Just yesterday the world was concerned with one of the biggest military blunders and today, nothing. I read only a portion of the story about losing 16 TONS of explosives from an Iraqi weapons facility. Losing 16 tons of anything is hard to do, but for our 24-hour news badgering to no longer address it is even more scary. A bit too strange with the presidential election less than a couple weeks away.

I went out of my way to see a broadcast about this and what newstory made it longer on network news? Ashlee Simpson's lipsyncing cover-up is more pressing than 16 tons of explosive being lifted. In all fairness, the article I did read said that the explosives were conventional explosives. WHAT?! Oh, only conventional explosives are missing? Well then I am ok with that. As long as we didn't lose the limited edition explosives.

With all do respect to mall security officers, who does America have over there in Iraq? Mr. Magoo and Hellen Keller with two super soakers? Missing a truck is bad enough but missing tons is unacceptable. That is multiple convoys leaving and no one saying a thing. Before any Bush kissers say that is not our Commander and Chief's fault, let me remind you of the managers of any team being blamed or fired for a huge failure since they were the one to position and train the players on the field.

I could only imagine the intelligence briefing that morning in the White House.

Powel: Mr. President, we lost 16 tons of explosives in Iraq.
Bush: There not lost.
Powel: Great! Do you know where they are sir?
Bush: You just said they were in Iraq. That works for me.
Powel: The explosives were in our possesion but are not any more.
Bush: Did you check where we last had them?
Powel: Yes.
Bush: Wait, would you say that 16 tons of explosives could constitute mass destruction?
Powel: Sir.
Bush: Who could have stolen 16 tons of explosives?
Powel: Al Queda?
Bush: Al Queda! Al Queda stole the explosives from the weapons jar, uh area.
Powel: Who? Al Queda? Couldn't be. Then who?
Bush: North Korea stole the explosives from the weapons area.
Powel: North Korea?! North Korea stole the explosives from the weapons area.
Bush: Who?! North Korea? Couldn't be.
Powel: Then who?
Bush: Saddam! Saddam stole the explosives from the weapons area.
Powel: Only ten more weeks of this. I hope.

I actually can now empathize with the those fans with the paperbags over their faces.

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