Thursday, October 28, 2004

Thanks for the Foreshadowing

This time of year allows me and many other sportsfans of the city to become blindly excited about a new season. For weeks now, the Cubs, Sox and even Bears' seasons have been well done. Every winter my blind hope comes in the form of another Bulls season. Now let me go on record that I will not be amazed if they win the championship. Ok, if they make the playoffs I'll be happy.

I was driving into the city and I noticed the new Bulls ad campaign. Sure they have a young team, and typically young teams are bad. However, a slogan like "through thick and thin" simply tells me to expect another year of mediocrity. I don't know what Reinsdorf's people were thinking. Chicagoans will believe if enough reason is given (see blind hope of every Cubs team and this year's Bear team).

How can someone approve the slogan of "we're going to suck this year"? Way to go Jerry, run the Sox into the being the best joke in the city and now make your other team a close second.

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