Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Vac-Ay Day 5 Review: Blood, Wet, and Beers

It was last Friday that I had even more vivid memories made. I crashed at my friend's and they have about three cats there. I am alergic. Now, that is only one reason why I think cats are pointless to life. The other is that the damn things insist on jumping from the windowsill to my chest or crotch. Whatever pun you find necessary please insert.

One leap woke me up and I ended up feeling a drip down my face. I touched my face fearing cat urine and finding deep red blood. This stuff would make a Columbian jealous. I rushed up and covered my face. It was dripping in my hands consistantly. I went to the bathroom sink where I spent the next 15 minutes, no joke trying to stop the bleeding. It was scary when I out of desperation leaned back to only have a mouthful of blood leak into my mouth. I spit a glob of blood that even grossed out my friend. Once I knew that I was ok, we stepped out to the pouring rain. With what soon was a theme- no umbrella.

Later that night my other friend came into town and she was in need of the getaway. We planned on going to see Kevin Pollak and did so. However, it was still raining steadily and we HAD NO UMBRELLA! I am typically against them, but when it looks like we just came out of the shower they are needed.

Hoping to keep the cost of the night down we went to the liquor store to pick up a couple 5ths to bring in. We then drank in one of the walkways and were moments away from selling Streetwise. Upon entering the club we sat down drench and soon enough saw the man. If you haven't seen Kevin do so. He is so very talented. A great Walken bit and decent Shatner.

After that, we hit the bars again. Soon it turned into another throwdown. There were crazy girls dancing on the benches. One in particular was my favorite. Butterfly, I called her, was battling her own balance, drink, and ability to look sexy. I tried to get Matt to dance with her but she was a slinky on the dance floor.

Then there was Chris. An alledged vet from Iraq. "Just back" mind you. See that was the excuse Matt was going to use do to his neo-nazi haircut by the Chinatown barber. (that's a blog itself) Anyway, Chris thinks that my friend and I should spend the night together and what have you. Little did he know that all three of us put in for the hotel, so I expected her to be with us.

I went to offer him a free drink on the basis that he was not bs-ing me. Chris then was animate about getting me a shot. I associate this to my friend being very attractive. Somehow, I won't ask Chris found it necessary to spend time with me more than anyone in the bar for about 15 minutes. He returned with a tequila shot, which almost did me in.

The great thing about staying til last call is walking out of the bar and realizing that there is a gentlemen's club next door. Sure it closes at the same time but every one of those girls has their rides pull up as they are at the door. I understand the trust issues there but come on, leaving without saying hello only to get into a Dodge Avenger shames us all.

Doesn't it?

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