Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Vac-Ay Day 2 Review: Whoa! That's Heavy Doc

I am mentally exhausted. I just watched three movies back to back to back. They are some of the most challenging films made in the past few years. I started with Million Dollar Baby, then Crash, and closed with Mullholland Dr. My mind is mashed potatos and well I love it.

Million Dollar Baby- I spent a good portion of time realizing that I would see this film and intentially skipped any review. What a message to deliver. My hat is way off to Clint on that one. There is something about having Morgan Freeman narrate. I would like him to be my voicemail recording. So dramatic and pensive at the same time. It would be impossible to leave me a mean message with the soothing voice of Morgan "the gate keeper" Freeman there. Overall, Oscars were deserved. Four stars and big tip- not a date movie.

Crash- do not rent this movie. Buy it. I am convinced I will watch it a few more times this year alone. There are so many rich characters that you can't focus on them all. It's not possible. Again, the message told here pushes racial issues, fears, and stereotypes. If you watch this movie and are not moved to evaluate yourself and how you treat others, go put on your Sunday's best since you're dead to the world. Even some bubblegum chick could pick something up from this. Hell Sandra Bullock and Brandan Frasier are in it- and don't ruin it. Finally some director understood that if you needed them to show more affection they would randomly start to fall all over the place. Five stars and big tip- this is one of the heaviest messages that is easiest to pick up. Did I mention Tony Danza has a cameo? That is a Vac-Ay Day 2 moment to remember.

Mullholland Dr. - If you want you mind to be violated and left to stare at itself then rent this immediately. Possible owning film and not just because of the lesbian encounters on film. Although I am theorizing that those scenes helped push Oscar consideration. "The cinematography was great in the Peter Weir movie." "Yes, but there was no girl on girl action." "True."
This film pushes themes of Hollywood, and well personal advancement and the price we will pay. Painted vaguely clear with a surrealistic brush this movie earned so much respect even more so in the final thirty minutes. Four stars and big tip- this is not a family night movie. I take that back, if you went to private school bring this home to let your folks know what really happens.

And I did it all without Netflix. That company will crumble like the rest once this internet fad has gone away.

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