Sunday, October 09, 2005

Vac-Ay Day 3 Review: Over Under pt 1

So the day started much quicker than planned, for I checked my flight and low and behold I did not have the 10:10 am flight. I had the 6:45 am flight. What a moron. Fortunately that was not a problem to get to. So I land at Reagan at like 9:30am and realize that well I am 2 and a half hours ahead of schedule. There is only one way to compensate that extra time- I took the bus.

So I am outside Union Station and I see a smoking girl. Nice way to start the trip, eye candy for all. Trick or Treat is the question. We end up going on the bus together. Red flag #1 attractive people never use mass transit. Never. They've got bitches to drive them places. So here's the kicker... she's deaf. She ended up chatting/ signing with another deaf man on the bus. A pure love connection I am sure. It lead me to my first quandry of the trip- would you ever have sex with a deaf person? Lights on would have to be accomodating in the slightest.

The hotel. Expedia ranked it as a 1.5 star hotel. That's no good. It was $70 a night and between three people it was cheaper than a round of drinks. Located on the north east side with the rest of the government programmed citizens, this crap hole was painted a mild pastel green.

Upon entering I see a nice marble floor. Sweet! Then I look up to see the plexiglass encassed front desk lead by former 7 eleven management. I take the elevator up (noticed it was last inspected in 2003 to be up to code) to my room that should have been rented by the hour.

When all my friends get there, they praise my internet booking savvy. I go to relax on the chair in the corner but I fall right through it. The pool was under renovation as well.


So then came the drinks. A couple martinis, a Jameson shot that came out Jaeger, then a couple beers and then some chow. After making an impromptu bar crawl in DC we went to the Mad Hatter. I love that place. We loaded up on Coronas and began a joint effort to annoy people.

We played over under on the collective age of a group of people. I got it right on. Then this older gal comes over flirtatiously - "why didn't you guess my age?" I began to tell myself- because you too goddamn old looking. I told her we went in groups of three. She insisted on having me guess her age. HORRIBLE IDEA! Figuring I was not planning on getting with her I said 26. She was 24. I waited for a drink in my face.

Nope. She told me that she is trying to look older for her new job. Probably with the AARP. So I realize the opportunity to practice my bar interaction. I invite her to sit and chat. She introduced herself as blah blah blah. Humbly I know that she wanted attention that night. But I was on to her antics. She is one of those girls that pull their pants up past the waist to make it look like they have a smaller waist line. Be true ladies. And if you want to look older, I thought it was common knowledge to put your hair in a bun and button shirt all the way up.

Playing over under with a group that doesn't want to play is a great way to come off as a dick- or in their opinion, people from New York. They asked if we were from there. We said no and listed from all over we were, and then took the over under on how many of them were going in to work the next morning.

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