Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Vac-Ay Day 1 Review: Open Wide and Swing Away

Sweet Christ is it nice to be on vacation. Never from the blog though. So Monday was day one and it was frankly delicious. I went to visit a good friend of mine and he was even open to procrastinating on his Phd work. Now that's a friend.

I arrived at about midnight and was quick to be introduced to the keg-o-rator that we gave for his wedding present. With wifey out of town there was not a contrary thought to a midnight beer. It was grand, even for Budlight.

Waking up at umm 10:00am was another treat. See this is the inverse week here. Instead of working 50+ hrs it is quite possible that I will sleep 50+ hours. That plus the array of friends I plan on catching up with, and plenty of boozing will only let the golden era continue on. There is something we need to talk about.

Life is so stressful for all of us who are not on marijuana. We need a release right? Well after my banana bread breakfast (alliteration 5 pts) we then went to do what any mature guys would do at 10:45 in the morning- we went to play home run derby. Now my slider with the whiffel ball is still freak nasty but alas, no bite. My friend damn near tripped on the sinker though.

The problem there was that the bat and ball were in my trunk the majority of the summer and thus were softer than the top of Bush's head. We switched out to tennis balls and well the Tall Lanky Bastard brought out what is called in the yard, the lumber. I was not all offense either, my little league all star form returned to pitch three solid innings with only three earned runs. A battle of rivals to only be seen on a Monday morning with a stellar crowd of a scary shirtless running man, and a eerie girl that was a bit too big for the swings at the playground.

When men finish a hard fought competition there is only one place to go for postgame recaps- Steak n' Shake. There is something about getting your shake served to you by a girl that makes R Kelly find an aliby, Does anyone know if excessive eyeliner is in the dress code for employees there? Diner goth is so hot!

Back to the matter at hand. Flavor fest. This joint has really focused on the shakes of late and that is a plus since the meals are something that rival my college cafeteria. I had the best shake in years. A strawberry fudge cheesecake shake. Fan-freaking-tastic. Taste was true to name, just without the hassle of chewing. So good, so good. You know when you had something special when you burp hours later and can still revel in that taste in the back of your mouth. (don't be grossed out- you know what I am saying.)

The big lesson to be learned from yesterday (besides to not let a curve ball hang out there in front of me - damn!) was that one most be responsible enough to realize being irresponsible is necessary too. Of course that is best in moderation, with friends around, beer, and while the wife is out of town.

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