Thursday, December 09, 2004

Remixing the Remixes

There is something amazing in the music industry. Linkin Park has joined forces with Jay-Z to make the Mashups cd that apparently we were asking for since the two made it. I really appreciate Linkoln Park's talents and moxy to release the same album three times over and still manage to go platinum each time.

I understand that without their musical genius I probably would never drink Mountain Dew or even watch a minute of the X Games. Who would have thought they would collaborate with Jay-Z? I mean he was supposedly retiring from this rap game still on top, blah blah blah. Some people never change until you wave some money infront of them.

Another theory on why the styles work well together is that Jay mentions in his song "encore" that he had to dumb down his lyrics for his fans to enjoy his words. I guess after one leaves the streets, to maintain their cred they must insult the very people that got them out of a food stamp funded life. While Hova is telling his fans that they are no smarter than his own project dwelling thugs, Linkin Park is working the second verse of another song that tells the tales of wrist slitting Eeyors. All in all everyone goes home feeling worthless and to me there is no better way to rock out.


I am going to try and do a brief entry when I wake up. This way my incoherent thoughts can be released before having to prove my worth to my coworkers. So we shall see how well that works out.


I came home from work and took a nap for like an hour and a half. I have this huge fear of being caught sleeping. Whether alone or someone actually witnessing me dozing off, I jump up and try to deny the truth. I looked at the clock and it read something like 8:26. I immediately freaked out thinking I am late for work. Then my mind starts to go. If it's this late why is there no sun? Oh no, not an eclipse during the day. That's a bad sign.

When you don't get regular exercise your heart will race at even just going up some stairs. After five minutes my heart sank back into my chest and I realized that I will never stop being a compulisively analytical dork.

Good Night.

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