Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Gold, Frankenscence, and French Thongs

Nothing gets the Yule tide spirit in the air like the Victoria's Secret commercials. I find it to of course be better than any Charlie Brown special. They are so attractive and dressed like no other woman I've seen. Then they open their mouths. Heidi says that I should tell her she's sexy. That is something I could work with or most likely never see happen.

I sure wish Tyra Banks would not talk. She is the only large breasted woman who's head is proportional to her cup size. How does she get so much hair? Pretty sure there are some extensions. Which to me extensions are like wearing someone else's underwear.

I suggest that when Victoria's Secret makes another tv commercial, leave Bob Dylan or any other creepy old guys out of them. There are enough obstacles in my way to meeting women and I would appreciate that the image of dissheveled rambling man to be as far away from them as possible.

I would like to continue this more in the morning. ...

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