Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Real Rock

I tried. I tried actually for the third time to watch Rockstar INXS. I could only watch about five minutes. When did Dave Navarro become the lap dog to a dead band. Sorry Hutchins fans. Dave has the ammount of make up that could rival Rupaul. Regardless, there are a couple things that bother me the most. One is that no one says anything bad to these people...my first comment would be WHY ARE YOU FIGHTING TO BE APART OF INXS?!

You have one guy that looks like an extra from The Birdcage and another that looks like well, he sleeps in one while wearing a diaper or whatever floats his boat. The whole image of rock is being ostracized and I don't like it. It's fine for pop to be pop but when rock goes this route we are only moments away before we see more glam rock poser crap.

I learned to be "sexy" you need to be in tight pants. Let me tell you this. I need my space, and that starts with my pants. That reason alone I am not ever going to wear Wrangler jeans. OK that doesn't relate very well to this entry but whatever.

I saw some trademark blonde in the pit drooling at the feet of potential. That's the true way of life. If you can't get yourself, then sleep with someone who you can live through vicarously.


I am back to watching the Real World Austin. It is at the point in the season where the sexual laziness has set in and now all are hooking up with eachother. On the episode tonight I got to witness the parental "be above that" pep talk about their kid not standing up for themself after being called a tramp or woman that gives it up like sorority gal after a couple free beers (wow that was a circular metaphor- did you follow?) By the way I know not all sorority girls are like that- some aren't hot, and others are trying to go pre-med. I just wish for her sake she would stay in lighting that doesn't make her head look huge.

Back to the lecture at hand. They all crazy, horny and poised for middle management at best.

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