Sunday, August 28, 2005

No Fillers

Holy crap what a weekend. First off, those of you who know how much of an avid board game dork I am best know I played Cranium (best game ever- yes I am confident saying that) and Catch Phrase. Good time but not even the focal point of the weekend.

My friend bought like 1/4 a cow. Not a 1/4 pounder, a fraction of the damn cow. It's amazing how in one swoop of the clever that he became more manly than any preconcieved image of John Wayne. Although Wendy's claims to have a fresh burger, this was so fresh the cow's mother was still morning the loss. I know that's rough to say but those who are offended should go hug a kitten because well you should know where I am going with this.

God bless red meat. That shit is good. My friend was at the grill for hours, and unlike other cook outs it wasn't spent starting the grill. It had the pot luck accessory vibe where we all brought side dishes. I bought mine like a good little bachelor. Thanks Sara Lee. Once the whole spread was set I felt the urge to join a crusade and go kill some vikings or something to justify the massive ammounts of food that inspire conversation about how good it is to be yourself.

Some other guy brought Hungarian sausages. I added a new sausage to my tastebud inventory of brat, Polish, or Italian. It's a product who's aftertaste is better than initial taste in my opinion. Regardless, I enjoyed.

The only downside to the cookout wat the arch ememy of all summer activity- the bee. Someone needs to kill them. Seriously, we have scientists that get off on cross pollenating. There was one bee that will always follow me at the party. The one that goes from inside my drink to on my food to under my chin and then touchdown dance on my nose saying bzzz you my bzzzitch. No go look like a wacko runnning around flapping at something 300 times smaller than you.


Don't call it a come back. I just saw MC Hammer on the VMA's. See the Surreal Life can help people. I can't wait until the tour when 50 opens for Hammer.


Robert Downey Jr got married. Even though he has been out of detox for some time this shows he is still a glutton for punishment.


I hear that they are considering a sequel to Office Space. I just hope Jennifer Anniston hasn't lost touch with that inner bubbly waitress she does so well.

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