Sunday, September 04, 2005

On the Verge of Something

Last week was awesome. I did things the way I ideally wanted to. I played an open mic, performed in two comedy contests, and even took the next step with music lessons in harmonica and guitar. The big thing is getting on stage. I am working off this recent funk that has bogged my life down.

The room on Monday is a tough room since it is filled with pretty much all comics. I didn't go up on stage well practiced in my set since I was uncertain which material to test. I am pleased to have performed three of seven days last week; now it's a matter of performing really well all of those times.

Fortunately I have been able to grow each time out. Picking up certain new lines to some of my and your favorite routines. Wednesday I went up with definite confidence and got my laughs where I could- afterall I was in a sports bar and those folks have about 35,000 tvs there.

Friday night was a lesson of being able to adjust to the crowd. I had the mindset ok, I am doing the bit on the women's hmm you know. Anyway, two comics before me went down that avenue and I then went up. I feel that the bit would hit better if it weren't a show on how sexually futile guys are. Lesson learned to be more adaptable to the circumstances.

So my other popular bit didn't hit so well then too because I chose to make fun a one culture even though there was easily a dozen of them there- many in the front table. The organizer came up to me and commended me on having an uncanny sense of bravery in that sense. "You're not afraid to say any joke, man that takes courage." You got balls he said. You won't always find your crowd but it is good to earn the respect of your peers.

People some mad shit is going on here. Stay tuned hit me with your email on a comment if you want show postings as I do have a few more this month. September 23 I will be the featured stand up at a comedy show.

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