Wednesday, August 17, 2005

And That's a Wrap

Summer is over for me now. I have concluded my responsibilities to three weddings and one Christianing. Now I can say that my church attendance is up. Not that it matters. It's strange this whole lingering feeling of big events. Once someone has one we are all spent sharing the moment with them and then speculating who is next.

Within the process of the reception, in my opinion the tossing of the bouquet and garder are the biggest lines of BS that we enforce. All it does is give some girl the right a way to turn down the one way road of eternal dreaming. When will her big day come? My favorite thing about the catch is the immediate look into the crowd of men like she is at the pet store. "Ooh ooh, I want the funny looking one that keeps squinting." If they go home it's only a matter of time before becoming a lap dog.

Guys care less about the garder. Yep, we use it as a token to show some gal that "we're next." If you're buying that vibe, let me tell you about a great timeshare we have too. Look marriage comes to each in ways that are often unique. I used to resist the concept of marriage. I even told girls that I never want to get married. That scares a girl off as quick as telling a guy that you like cats does.

I like the concept that we say you marry you dad or mom. Sounds about right. We are as kinky, insestual, homocurious as they come. This is the only time that we willingly install that image in our children's mind. I know that the intention is to focus on the personality but you can't but superimpose the face of your sweet pea into the body of your parent.

I can say more about this but I have 1. stuff to do and 2. now become nausious by my own posting.

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    hey mike, it's karen, i left you my email address in my live journal, but now i have a new one, it is ciao