Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tone Death

I finally have released Sprint from the grasps of my spine and reproductive organs. There is something to be said about cancelling your cell phone. Yes, I have such a distaste for your interpretation of quality that I am willing to pay $150 to say not on my buck.

Within my tenure with Sprint, I, like many paid for ring tones. Sure, $1 or so and now I don't have that pesky phone sound coming out of my damn phone. I ruined four solid songs because of my craving of pop trends. Never will I be able to listen to all of "Cecilia" because I will experience flashbacks to screeming WHAT?!.

I had the tones that were me, yet a little more about the attention. Hey Hey...HEY EVERYONE!!! MY PHONE...IT"S RINGING!! PRETTY SWEET HUH?! WHAT?! YOU ALL HAVE CELL PHONES TOO?! WELL DOES YOURS PLAY 50 Cent? Look dillhole, pick up the phone. The point of the phone is to let you communicate with someone. If I wanted to hear the same 8 seconds of a song I will turn on MTV.

This is just the start there will be something new. Like now people can pay to eliminate the ringing on the phone. Now music is played until somebody picks up the phone. Ring tones just give us all another false sense of coolness just like tanning salons and teeth whitening.

The embarrassment that follows is now when no one looks. Remember when only rich white people could afford car alarms? That don't mean jack now. Regular chumps like yours truly can push the panic button on their ride. Only of course to drown out the people who talk so loud they defeat the purpose of the phone all together.

If you have downloaded a ring tone in the past few months I have news for you. Hurry to the GAP I hear there will be a new color scheme for stripes.

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