Friday, May 06, 2005

Ripon-Good Times

Last Saturday I went back to college for the first time classes were in session since my own graduation. What a great feeling. All my old friends and infatuations were there to make me feel the warmth of being the original tall lanky bastard. I went back into the fraternity house which for those unfamiliar is a dorm- we're a resedential campus.

There were so many changes made on campus since I was last there. Construction everywhere, paint actually staying in presentable condition and even freshman. Wow, I love the twinkle in the eye of underclassmen. There is something about their own ignorance of not knowing how good they have it.

I caught up with the guys, which at one point lead to me getting beer poured down my back by Nick Greenwood, friend and former chem tutor. In a fit of revenge my thought was to poor beer in retaliation on someone else knowing their own innocence, but thinking that this would make them pour beer on Nick. Nope. More beer down my back. At least I wasn't able to shower for a full day.

There was a great moment for me to realize I was drunk. I saw who is called Baby Huey and well, she went by the hall while I was on my way to the bathroom. I grabbed the right shoulder of my friend Rob, pulled him in close to drunken whisper-shout "Dude, Baby Huey!" Rob then turned to me to reveal that he was not Rob. I have joked about being gay but when you whisper "Dude, Baby Huey" into someone's ear on their way to the urinal- that could be code for something only the community would know. How I left the bathroom without a black eye or phone number amazes me.

I am a chump. Full out. For some reason I was drinking a beer in the hall and the hall director came by and asked me to pour out the beer. WHAT!? Fearing repercussions for the brothers, I did so. Then came the bitch slap. He asked me to take the can out of the water fountain (bubbler-for WI residents) and put it in the trash. I was too drunk to reason but tried to do so once he left. I take no insult to the request, I understand my college is accepting of inhebreation, as long as it doesn't interfere with the beautification.

Thank you all at Ripon, I had such a good time I might even vote republican next time.

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