Sunday, May 22, 2005

Three Ringed Circus

Well my brother got married this weekend. I was the best man and that was really cool. There were about half a dozen more things that I was responsible for than originally thought. Not until I took care of the rings though.

Now here is the story above all others here. Dan had one ring, Steph had two rings (one for each side of the engagement ring- sort of a pimp my wedding band thing). Anyway, she has such small fingers that I noticed her rings could become lodged inside of Dan's. So I chose to separate them in my pocket.

It just so happened that I chose to do this as the procession in was begining. The groomsmen were off to the side and were to meet with the bridesmaids at the aisle. I had separate the rings and placed one in the internal pocket inside the pocket. Due to my excessive sweaty hands the other one of her rings became stuck to my hand, then upon pulling it out of the pocket it fell off my hand. The only reason I knew was that the sound it made hitting my ever so comfortable tux shoe.

Within moments, I realized I couldn't keep this a secret. Every one asked if I was joking. I began to fear that I would be first ever in family history to be impeached from the Best Man role. Then with all the groomsmen crawling around on the side of the church, it was found. I thank John Rossi immensely for that. I apologized to Dan and then made sure the rings were in separate parts of the pocket. All's well that ends well right?

Nope. See I am confident that moment made me more nervous about the whole ceremony than either the bride or groom. When the deacon (a whole story on his own) asked for the rings I took them out one at a time. My hands were prespiring as though they were in a sauna or something. Delicately I took one ring, the next ring. The pocket was deep and bunching up on my bulbous sweaty digits. The Deacon then says "go ahead and take your time, you've got all day." His ignorance of the previous situation makes me take his comment in stride.

Crisis averted and we leave the church. Almost. People are coming up to me, for some reason. They insist on telling me that what I did with the rings was comic genius. Not giving them at one time. Right, watch out National Lampoon, here comes a tall bafoon that makes people laugh through his own futility. Ok that actually sounds better than how I see.

A best man must make sure that not only does the wedding end happily, but that it's memorable. Oh I do believe I succeeded on both fronts. Can't wait to mention the reception tomorrow.

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