Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Fatty Fat Fat

I started today with a parking ticket. Yeah! It's good to know that it cost me $50 to find out that there is actually a police presence in my neighborhood. I ate another chicken pot pie for lunch. Although tasty they are not that good due to the insane number of peas in there. For some reason I will eat snow peas (peas in a pod) and the standard pea is not something I would willingly chew.

Sometime people think that it's the same no matter what. Not true- the presentation creates a whole different experience. I had another Healthy Choice meal yesterday and damn near vomited, just so I had something with flavor to eat. If you were going to eat the beef merlot, don't. It forced me to go to the cafeteria at work. I now know why people are afraid to be over 30. They have to eat that bullshit and pretend to like it.

I have a horrible diet and I know it. I will have my moments of eating balanced meals, typically when in a relationship. Regardless of that I treat the diet as it should be treated. Ride the peperonni wave until it's all over. Let's not be ignorant, we know how it's going to end, why would I choose a cob salad over an Al's Beef combo?

On an unrelated matter, I have a bit of a ponch. Trying to kick that is hard mainly since well everyone tends to repay me in deliciously fatty food. Diets are never possible if you are one that feels each moment should be lived to its fullest. Again, it may change only if there is a chance to impress someone that you can eat more than a case of Pringles and a stuffed crust pizza.

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