Monday, May 23, 2005

Better Than Nachos?

No way. It couldn't be. Could it? For the past umpteen years my appetite has been quite public for its affection toward nachos, specifically cheese, salsa, and sour cream. Ooh yeah. Well Dan and Steph gave us all the coolest treat of all at the reception. A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!

Have you ever seen one? Perhaps this is the fountain Ponce was looking for. It flowed like Barry White lyrics over the fruits, cookies, pretzles and fingers of all. Who made this thing? I mean really what stoner am I indebited to this time. It seems that all my favorite snacks came from the back end of some narcotic assistance.

The chocolate fountain reminded me of those Coco-Puff commercials that used to runny. Which by the way Sunny is the creepiest of all cereal mascots. I am just amazed, I was really set on a nacho platter- only because I could have sworn I heard talk of such mexi-happiness. Then again I don't just have selective hearing I have wishful hearing.


I would write more about the reception but I just got back from seeing Episode III and it was magnificent. The third movie I have seen on my own. I feel that is better for critical analysis.

Ever since Garden State I can totally tell that Natalie Portman wants me. Would I convert for her? I think there could be a common ground established. It is afterall Hollywood.


Maybe it's nostalgia kicking in again but I sure could go for a Slurpee. That $1.30 tub of aired out Mountain Dew sure made me a happy camper. Did I ever mention that my friends and I at the movie theater back when I was 16 invented what is now Code Red? Sure we didn't document that but I blame that on the free refill policy at the theater. So weak, yet so delicious.


Can radio stations stop playing Pearl Jam's Jeremy, Alive, or Evenflow? Ten came out more than ten years ago, let it go. Somewhere there are community college linemen hitting the repeat button on their new removable face car stereo. Thank God I am still not cool.

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