Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Manhattan Project

Ok, so the blog has been down since there were tech issues with the connection. SBC came out and unplugged the same items I did and then it worked. Whatever I guess. I now believe in the power of the orange maintainence vest.

I went out Thursday night solo since my Golden Girl marathon was canceled. There is a bar near my place that has discounted martinis on Thursday, so I went. Upon sitting next to Norm and Cliff, I looked at the martini list. Now the thing with martinis is that most of the new ones are fruity one meant for women.

So I ordered a manhattan. Apparently that drink gave me mad respect in the bar by any guy near me. They all thought I was on classy guy ordering a manhattan. That was cool, but I didn't know how cool until Dewey told me he sells Makers Mark and was impressed I ordered one at my age. He bought my drinks, in a completely hetero way though.

The guys around me started talking to me and asking about myself and it was interesting that such a kinship can be forged over booze, wait no that's what booze does. I now sit in the same spot at the bar and will soon be a known regular there, which I think will end the free drinks.


I have learned so much about mass transit in the past day alone. See, I once went out on my own and I got to a transfer point and exited for my new train. I waited for about 35 minutes for my new ride. During that time I saw about five trains coming for the same line that I was just on. Frustrated at the hour and lack of service since it never came, I went home.

Now bring us to yesterday. Rob and I were at the same transfer point and then he threw me for a loop. We went upstairs. What?! I told him that I was waiting downstairs for 35 minutes. He laughed in my face as we went up what seemed to be the eternal escalator ride. I walked out onto the above ground walkway and sure enough, that's where I should have been weeks ago.

This all goes back to one of my weakness being arrows on signs. When the arrow is to indicate one direction I interpret for another. It said arrow to the right. I went right. Not right up the stairs. I feel as though I can reverse this shortcoming but I need someone in the transit dept to admit to the signs not being completely clear. I am such a moron. Only the obvious confuse me because it's so simple that I think no way, this shouldn't be this easy.

The level of difficulty of using the mass transit is so easy the blind can do it. This episode should be a pick me up for them, that is if someone is reading this to them right now.

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