Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Costco Anyone?

Welcome to life, as we know it. Now that I have the internet at my fingertips I can talk to as many people I would like. Just yesterday I went to the store with my mom for groceries. This was a great moment in bachelorhood transition. She let me push the cart and even load it.

I like the whole Costco experience. There is something about a single person shopping at a place meant to quench a natural disaster site. I went aisle to aisle, not wanting to miss a single lot of anything. Moments of weakness are much more significant there than any other shop. Never before have you had to rationalize a purchase and the ability to store it in your residence like this bulkland.

My heart went pitter patter twice. Once at the alcohol. The college in me said "ok, so one big storage bin, four blenders, some pineapple rings, cherry kool-aid and we are in business. " To my shigrin, chianti is not the mixer that Skol vodka once was. I managed to purchase a bottle of Skyy so large it should be made into a lamp. Thank you capitalism.

My jaw actually dropped upon the sight of Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwhiches, sausage, egg and cheese croissant. I restrained myself, claiming that would be a silly purchase. I then went over and grabbed a package of hotdogs with more than a ballpark vendor carries.

I was at one point scared. My mom, young at heart went wandering around the store, likely for some vegetables. I got to the point of excess. I reached for the cell phone to call her and find exactly where she was. I found her moments later between the ravioli and taquito chests.

Grocery shopping is a fulfilling time for young people. I remember my grandma asked me at Easter about living on my own. "What are you going to do for food?" I replied "well, I probably will go hunting- like everyone else." She chuckled, and then promptly removed my smart ass from the will.

I like knowing that I have food in the freezer. My belly will be full for a month now. The advantage of Costco is greatly noted as it was paired with one of the biggest downfalls to city life. No garaunteed parking space. Nothing like hauling random boxes of items that don't even match a block and half.

Where are the homeless when you need them?

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