Thursday, April 14, 2005

Make it a Double

The kegerator. It has died. It took talking to my cousin in Mississippi to realize I am beyond the concept. Am I? This is a big decision. See I am the dream. I have been told by literally countless males that they are intending on living vicariously through me. Flattering, but that's a whole new pressure I didn't expect.

The kegerator is something many men ponder. I had a dream, where I had two kegerators that sat side by side ready to make the best black and tan a guy can hope for. I even have the official Guiness glasses. There are certain moments even I become trigger shy. Take for instance this whole kegerator, the more I talk about it the more I realize the kegerator is a sausage magnet.

I am consciencous of the ratio everytime I have people over. Only on certain cases do I allow a -1 or -2 ratio. I have now begun to construct the blue prints for the next big idea. A wet bar. To my knowledge that means bar, but wet makes it mean something classy.

As my NY Bartender book as my gospel, I will prepare for the end of month spectacular. The next additions will have to be something along the lines of wine, rum, midori, chambord, or brandy. The decision is tough since the necessity for grenadine should be mentioned in the same breath as jigger.

Not too many people understand the movement happening here. I am on the verge of creating one of the best recreational experiences that is not sex, but very may well lead to it. Pioneer I am not, but I am one hell of a host- I'd like to think.

I also would like to think this would come to actually happen. So blind by the sun I forget to look at the ground. This should be fun.


  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Mike-I like the website, came accross it this week. Talk about a shock!! It took me about five minutes before I could catch my's been a long time. You seem to be taking risks for yourself. Good for you. I'm going to keep this simple, I hope that things are well for you.

  2. Anonymous3:31 PM

    A wet bar is actually the same as a dry bar, but with a sink... sorry if I've killed a dream of yours.


    P.S. When are you coming to Indy?