Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Life at It's Finest

The AM Grand Prix has been in full effect now for about a week. I was going onto the Kennedy and Mona the Silver Bullet has reached a new top speed. 91 mile per hour. The car is awesome by many engineering standards, the only one I know is that it doesn't shake when I top out at 91.

The only way my 03 Malibu can get cooler is if I save up to make it a convertible. Kind of a responsibility meets urban ignorance.


So bracket talk quickly. I am that guy. I had 2 brackets both with U of I v. UNC. Each one with the other winning. Genius. Once again those Chinese people are right, this is the year of the Mike (or Rooster)

Last night I stayed up watching tv. Not good tv, something my dad always talks about. Channel 11. Why? There was a documentary on the hotdog stands across our fine nation.

Of course they went and had Chicago dogs near the end of the show. Even on the poor man's PBS, they go for ratings. FYI, no condiments on my hotdogs for me. Just MSG and fillers.

Sometimes I feel lost and like I am in a vicious cycle, then I realize that feeling is relative to the number of Law & Order shows I watch a week.

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