Thursday, September 15, 2005

Take One Pass It Along

Right about now we are on the verge of one of the best times of year, Fall. I sure enjoy the season that brings us bright colors of foliage on its last limb, football, and the end of bees and mosquitos. During the late summer and early Fall I am blessed with hayfever. Nothing big, just some random sneezes and red eyes.

Today in particular I came across two people that amaze me for the same reason. They volunteered information that they are carrying contagious bacteria and still proceed to pass it along. One woman admits to having pink eye and then shakes my hand. Hello! Pink eye! I remember the people in school that got pink eye, they were the ones that always made me wonder about their daily hygene practices. What got me more is that we all know how much of a pain pink eye is to have. It's not as leisurely as some other infections. This thing takes work and countless reminders to people that no you don't smoke weed, but you just have pink eye.

Another person today was my guitar instructor. Nice guy and very cool. However he was recovering from an apparent chest cold and "couldn't kick it." FYI if you have an infection that can sideline a professional athlete- stay home. So after he confesses that he still has lingering issues he coughs on his hands, and then drapes them all over my workbook. Great, I learned the song but will be out next week with a mutated chest cold.

There was nothing really humorous about those anectdotes but I hope you won't come near me sick.


God bless I wish the Sox would stop sucking. This kind of collapse and emotional attachment has me feeling like a Cubs fan...except I can name 5 players on my team. (for those that claim to be Cubs fans, give the simple test of naming 5 players without help. If they fail then ask them to name 5 bars around Wrigley)

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