Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Easy As That

I am blessed. Really I am. Upon my return home my frustrations were mounting with every tilt of the brake lights ahead of me. I will say this once but in multiple ways. I understand the I-Pass lanes are relatively snug but drive your goddamn car at a speed that will not create a traffice jam for five miles. No one (you wife included) cares about your piece of shit Altima. MOVE!

Phew! That was close, I almost had road rage and that is well - a bs crime. I am really trying to be a stronger person and I finally succeeded. Upon signing off of hotmail I was briefed with the latest Britney update. Something about her singing bad hair songs. I wanted to click it- badly.


I stayed strong for a number of reasons. The first being I had my Britney awakening. I no longer open links about Britney Spears with the fantasyland dream that the story will end with a link to her new pictorial in Playboy. Afterall she has eliminated the middle person (Hugh) and simply married a scuzzy guy to oogle her every move.

My friends and I were speaking about this theory. Burned out celebs use that magazine to lite a 3 minute flame on their exhausted 15minute candle. I predict with this kid, in 18 months she will be there. Saving her career, and the magazine.

Redemption is beautiful even more so when it pins up.

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