Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Yesterday's Over

A little fyi. Some people may be concerned that I am not pursuing the dream. Well, today I submitted for a stand up showcase for a summer festival. Additionally, by March 1 I will know if I will be performing at the student stage at Second City for stand up or improv. By this week's end I should know also my status for the writing program. Once I make it into this level, I will be working with other students to write a sketch review that will run for eight weeks on the student stage.

I will keep this blog short. I found the apartment. It's in Logan Square. I find out in 13.5 hours if it is mine. I must go now and compulsively think about what I can't control. At least this time it's not about a girl.

Pride in Progress- hometown motto, genuis, just genius.

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  1. Maxwell...whats up you lanky bastard. It is rohr. Just wondering how you have been and stuff. Talk to you later.