Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oscar Picks

Tonight is the night for the Oscars. TIme for me to stake my claim for who I think will win. Now I unfortunately will rely upon the politics of Hollywood more than the films themself since I didn't see all of them.

Actor- Lead Foreign Language Film
Jamie Foxx- Ray The Chorus

Actor- Supporting Makeup
Alan Alda- The Aviator The Passion of the Christ

Actress- Lead Music (score)
Hilary Swank- Million Dollar Baby The Passion of the Christ

Actress- Supporting Music (song)
Cate Blanchett- The Aviator "Look to your Path" The Chorus

Animated Feature Best Picture
The Incredibles Million Dollar Baby

Art Direction Short Film (animated)
The Aviator Gopher Broke

Cinemetography Short Film (live action)
House of Flying Daggers 7:35 in the morning

Costume Design Sound Editing
Lemony Snickets Spider-Man2

Directing Sound Mixing
The Aviator Ray

Documentary Visual Effects
Super Size Me I, Robot

Documentary Short Writing (adapted screenplay)
Sister Rose's Passion Finding Neverland

Film Editing Writing (original screenplay)
Million Dollar Baby (Hotel Rwanda)

I will thank the Academy later.

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