Monday, February 28, 2005

Second to None

I left work at 7:15 tonight. I felt good about the work ethic, the determination, the struggle. Then I got the call from my mom. I expected the news today but it still didn't amass until I was there. Today my sister and brother in law, became parents for the second time. What makes this a great story is that one- this is their second straight intentional child, and two I got to see her on the first day.

I have been animate about the singel bachelor life for quite some time. That may very well be possible but I tell you nothing compells another like the immense tribute to eachother like the next generation. About five hours ago I was clueless. I get it now. I can't really explain it now but it honestly moved me. This moment could very well have been the welcome mat to a world I have been resisting only to be resisting something.

Perhaps the predetermined title of Godfather (it's ok do your Brando) made this moment sweeter. I am sure that it was that I was there. I now realize what I missed when my nephew was born. I can't wait to teach her the first prank to pull on her mom.

Second to None

Natural glances birth new chances
proving fait is faith in
two for one sacrifice
solitary blinks invert
the wood work of hope
tomorrow's laughter hugs
unconditional echoes of nature's inspiration
never comparable
a moment's peace is now
wrapped in heaven's glow
second to none

Congratulations Lisa, Eddie

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