Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rebel Without a Handsfree

Welcome to the wide world of huber-b.s. I was recently driving in the city and for some reason my car was quiet. Sure the music was louder than the passing airplane but there was something missing- my muffled ringtone of Cecilia coming from the cell phone.

No longer am I able to drive and talk on the phone. Probably for the best, now I have plenty of time to read my billboards and bumperstickers. There is a good 4 mile stretch that I know I look mainly at the signs compared to the 98 Grand Am slamming breaks in front of me.

So i was called last night while in the heart of the north side. I stared at the phone, a quick blur of tickets, officers, and pending insurance hikes. What did I do? Answered it. Damn straight! Take that over-protective city. Now I should mention that I am not all swagger. When I drove by officers while holding my cell phone (and in mid-conversation) I dropped in on my lap like a hot plate. The fun part was not telling the people every time I dropped it on my lap.

What takes the cake more than my rogue attitude is those that follow the law. I drove by some guy with a handsfree and he was holding the mic up to his mouth. How freaking effective is this law?

I look forward to the day where we pass an ordinance prohibiting absurd laws and or law makers. Never mind that'll never happen since we may hurt the morons' feelings.

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