Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Magical Love Bus

Well I do apologize for the delay in blogville. I was standing up in a wedding this past weekend. It was wonderful. As long as it's not my wedding I tend to approve. Tend is the keyword there. Anyway, the temp was hot and muggy. Perfect for formal wear to stick to the body like a wet t-shirt. (no this entry is not going that direction)

So after behaving ourselves for about an hour and change, we hit the trail all in the "party bus." Granted we were over maximum capacity, or just bigger in the rump than thought we all crammed in there. The driver had 4 teeth and a tie and short sleeve shirt.

The surprise there was while in the church mr. driver was hitting the sauce meant for the bridal party. Foul on two levels. 1. Don't drink other's booze. 2. Don't drive after that. This yahoo spent the majority of the trip to the reception driving all over and creating motion sickness to the passengers- not to mention he claimed to have cd with party music and it was Ace of Base and some other fine chart toppers.

We managed, we drank with caution, some ate with caution. Then we stopped to get more beer. Apparently within 30 minutes 18+ can drink about 2 drinks each. While at the local liquor shop the driver exchanges words with one of the patrons and then her husband tells the driver off. Set on being completely stupid the driver then almost fights this man. In a sign of frustration he kicks one of the groomsmen off the bus. What was seeming to be the message was that no one respects the bus driver. The groomsman exchanged some pleasantries and then got on the bus. Damn! Who's the punk now?

Upon arriving to the reception venue the driver bitched about us trashing the bus. I guess empty cans, bottles and some broken crackers were the last straw. He spent about five minutes whining about not getting a tip while he threw trash on the driveway of the site. He then was repremanded for the hundredth time that day and cleaned it up like the li'l bitch he was.

By no means am I saying bus drivers are jags like this guy. Afterall, I am rather confident he is no longer a bus driver. Our memories will last a lifetime. Which I am sure is longer than his unemployment will.

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  1. Anonymous3:03 PM

    i would call the company from which you rented the party bus and let them know what a horrible driver you had... he put all 18 plus people's lives in danger!!
    stop him before he hurts a lot of people!!!