Sunday, July 17, 2005

Divinity at Wholesale Prices!!!

Well today was my niece's Christianing. What a moment in her life that she knows nothing about. What I found delicious about it all was the way the church has gone Costco on the parish. I arrive in the parking lot to see others leaving their cars for the church. One, two, three unfamiliar faces surface. Maybe my sister made new friends I am unaware of. Not likely since marriage + kids = no more time for friends. But I digress.

These were other families having baptisms on that day. There were 11 kids and the priest called it a slow day. SLOW! Now if the padre was thinking he could double profits with having a sunset ceremony ontop of the matinee. Silly Catholics, always three generations behind the rest.

So as the onslaught of strangers come in for their equally impersonal service I was taken a back. There was someone there that I graduated high school with. She looked good, (she did gain the freshmen fifteen but looks like she kicked that.-good for her.) So we had the catch up face off. "

"So Mike, this is my fiance- blabidity Blah"
"Nice to meet you, congrats" (1pt Keri)
"What have you been up to Keri?"
"I teach, elementary school. And you?"
"I was out east for a bit, now I am working and I do comedy, stand up and movies and stuff."
"Cool." (1 pt Mike)

TOTAL SCORE - Mike 1 Keri 1
And that's how it ended, a dead tie. Sometimes there is not a clear winner. I am considering docking at least 1 pt for being attractive and engaged at her age. (Mike 1 Keri -1) (Hey it's my game/blog)

We left one hour later with God on our side and with intention of returning for the next wedding/funeral, or Christmas. Whatever comes first.

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