Monday, June 13, 2005

Put Down the Prayer Candles!!!

Beyonce' and her houston hoochies are finally calling it quits. I know, tough as it is, it is time to move on. But who will bring us follow up singles to "bootylicious" "survivor" and of course "nasty girl?" Probably Gwen Stefani.

I really did like this group. Granted I was on my death bed and the fantasy of getting it on with someone not white was topping the list so I would have something to discuss in the afterlife. Farewell Beyonce', looks like you can finally use "Goldmember" as her acting catapult and not have to worry about explaining the lack of back up sisters.

Sometime in college I was informed that black women in particular, wear extensions. Never knew it until then. Do women actually think that wearing another person's hair is the best option. I think that chemo patients have the right to get a bit upset. I know what you're thinking, a bit sassy today why so? Life was crazy today.


So the verdict. Let's discuss. Wait, I didn't watch or care since I know that celebrity justice is more than just a piss pour show on late night tv.


I put the air on in the car for the first time this year. I don't have air in the apartment. Time to move into my car.


I dropped the f bomb by 9:30am at work today after a candidate cancelled for the third time. I can actually feel the inner Republican growing stronger.

Am I the only one that thinks
- the villan in Batman Begins should have been played by Josh Jackson or James Van DerBeek?
- Hillary Duff looks like Jenna Jameson's younger sister?
- Adam Sandler and Melissa Etheridge sound the same singing?
- Stone Phillips is the original father of Vicki from "Small Wonder?"
- NBC prides itself on sports ESPN said no to ? ( Arena League, Nascar, WNBA, track and field)
- now that the Cubs are winning the North side can forget those pesky rapes?

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