Saturday, June 04, 2005

Coming Attractions

Just a bit of updating for you all. The following projects are to be coming in the next couple months.

Leftovers- a short film about a date ruined and saved by the quirks of each person's family. This is going into production in July with an anticipated premiere in August.

Stand up- well I am working on that as best I can, unfortunatelly clubs go through agencies. Where's my agent? Coming soon I hope.

Improv- Well auditions for the next wave are nearing, if all goes well the premiere to Leftovers can be the announcement of many types of great entertainment news.

"The Show"- a sketch show to be coming to Chicagoland in the early Fall. Featuring writings by yourstruly and a core of writers that pissed way too much money into classes. Not to forget a featured guest sketch each week.

I know it seems intense and not all will go as smoothly as planned. Feel free to comment on your cynicism, I'd love to know exactly who I will be proving wrong by Halloween.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4:54 PM

    just let me know when... and i'm there... i wouldnt miss your brilliance on stage....;)

    i'll be testing you...

    - tiffany